On a mission to highlight the power of design for social change.

About me

Hello, I'm Saliah. 
I'm sure you're wondering why Mac, Pack & Sack? Well, it stems from a year abroad travelling with nothing but my mac, consistently packing and last but not least, my rucksack. 
Whilst I was travelling, I wanted to explore a way I could re-brand myself as a 'travelling designer'. This enabled me to meet many of the top creatives around the globe, and was really quite the journey! 
My final destination was back home in England. One month after my return, I dived straight in by taking on a challenging 'live 2-day brief' at the Graphic Design Festival Scotland, 2015. I was lucky enough to be shortlisted out of over 100 designers competing for the same prize, to present my ideas in front of Kate Moross, It's Nice that, Creative Review and much more. I was rewarded with a short placement at top design agency jamhot.  
A further month later, I found myself working for an international design agency, Creative Action. During this time I worked on many large scale projects with globally recognised clients based in the Middle East. 
I'm an easy-going creative with a passion for; dance, travel, design, music, culture and of course banter! I have the drive and determination to do the best work I can, with a lot of proven strength in conceptual stages of projects. I am confident, proactive, professional, energetic, reliable, ambitious and organised. 
My most recent life achievement was accomplishing 12 countries in 25 days across Europe! Mental...but that says a lot about my personality, I love a challenge, and I'm determined to be successful. 
I am now freelancing and volunteering. On a mission to highlight the importance of design for social change. If you'd like to work with me, or even meet for an engaging conversation, just say hello!
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